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Below are the reviews and feedback from our wonderful customers and photographers worldwide who have enjoyed our Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and Photography Tips eBook.



Lightroom Presets Reviews

To answer your question "have we helped you"? I respond with an emphatic "Yes"! Your presets and actions are beautiful and integrate easily with LR3 and CS5. Initially I was searching for something for my niece's engagement shots. Still haven't taken the shots but I've used the presets and actions for other images. I have also learned some things about Lightroom I didn't know before reading your tutorials for which I thank you very much. One of the things I love about photography is the discovery of new techniques and you have certainly set me on a new path. So, yes, thank you, yes.
  - Lynn McCann  
Firstly, I found your photography tips e-book great, as like you I take most of my photos hand held outdoors, and I mentioned it on one of the photos I uploaded to my facebook photography page. Secondly, I use your Lightroom Presets quite a lot as well as processing by myself on Lightroom. When I upload the photos I processed using the presets I often get favourable comment from my Flickr contacts.
- Robert Wilson  
Thanks for the Aperture preset - I've played a little with it and love the effect it adds to the pictures.
- Mark Gyde  
Girls, I am really impressed with your photography, and at your ages, they appear to be produced by people with many more years experience. Keep up the good work, I have bought 2 Aperture Presets from your site as I use a mac and don't use photoshop but nik software and aperture. once again well done.
- David Alderson  
Finally had a chance to try out the preset under Aperture. Really love it, after I found out on which pictures it would fit. You did a great job, since usually I have to work at the picture afterwards but with yours I did not.
- Oliver Penack  
Many thanks to you for your photos, blogs, presets, video, the book which I at you have got together with presets. I have raised the level of knowledge in processing of photos. And I am very happy!!! After acquaintance to you I have got Canon 5D Mark and Canon EF 135mm f/2.0 L. The happiness doesn't have a limit!!!
- Vitalia
First of all i would say that I very admire of you photos and i use few of your LightRoom presets that i purchased and it's works great for me.
- Sergey
I purchsased a product from you and really love it…
- Brenda
I'm absolutely fallen in love with your presets! I'm working with lightroom for quite a long time now, but your presets seem to have very nice effect on the photos.
- Daniela Güldenpfennig
Just purchased lightroom so I’m soo excited about this ;) Thanks so much Bell Sisters! Your photography is my favorite ever <3
- Amanda
"I have just processed three photos using your Lightroom Presets and I put them in a set on Flickr. The Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset  is brilliant for the harsh daytime light on my Italian lake photos. I love them and will be ordering some more over the coming months."
- Robert Wilson
"I ordered your Lightroom Preset, Vibrant Colours the other day and I'm loving it... "
- Sandy Posey
"I recently downloaded the Soft Afternoon Glow preset for Lightroom - I've used it for this and I love this preset!"
- Bethany Giannini  
"All of your photos are so lovely and I love the feeling that the Pink Haze Lightroom Preset gives my photos. Thanks again! Take care!"
- Val Duperon
"Thank you for creating very beautiful lightroom presets. I love your work."
-  Oy  
"I am very happy with your presets for light room. Great colours. "
- Andrea
"My favourite processing type is b/w so I was so happy to find yours - I love it thanks Olivia!"
- Hannah Brown
 "I just bought Vibrant Colours Lightroom Preset... it looks so much more friendly and warm after. thanks!"
- Laura Garcia
"Your Presets & Actions are to die for. Love using them!"
- Amy Morrison
"I really loved the photos you did with Cold Blue Lightroom Preset I've wanted something like that for a long time so thanks!
- Bella K. C.
"I'm really happy with the purple tint black and white preset. It's so different!"
- Hugh Williams
"Just purchased the bundle of Lightroom Presets, so pleased with it. can't wait for more!!"
- Emily Howard
"I follow you on Flickr and eventually caved - just had to get your LR presets pack you mention with your photos. so pleased I did, they're world class!"
- Kelly
"I take a lot of portraits as a side-job. I wanted to buy some presets for Lightroom 3 to use when I need to meet deadlines I can't always get to with my own processing. Drooling over your Presets - they're really professional and my customers have remarked at how well they're processed. hehe!!!"
- Willow Smith-Yates
"I cannot stop digging out old photos to process with my new preset pack for lightroom - all the presets are amazing. I especially love love love soft afternoon glow and vibrant colours. WOW! Thank you thank you! Best present to myself for awhile. Upload more please!"
- Parker Jeffery
"I'm really new to Lightroom having always used PS - but I don't have to worry as your LR presets do everything I need to do. I have yet to find a photo I don't like your presets on - love them girlies thank you!"
- Jen Cook
"Just love my new Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset."
- Katy Jones
"The tones of my photos are SO much better when I use Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset thank you to The Bell Sisters!"
- Tatti Alexandras
"Really really love all my presets in your "Presets Pack" but your Soft Afternoon Glow Lightroom Preset is my all time love!!"
- David Button  
"Thank you so much for this great free download!! I'm big fan of your style & regular follower of your sites."
- Swati A.
"You have great material on your site and I'm a happy customer :-)"
-   Kimmo Tidenberg  
"Already bought some presets. And I want more…"
- Cary Crusiau
"I already use several of their presets and have several more on my wishlist! They are great presets and the girls are so nice!"
- Bethany G.

Photoshop Actions Reviews

"I just bought so many of your actions. The before and after blew my mind. You are all so talented. Thanks for sharing your wonderful actions. They are my favorite!!! You gals are AMAZING!"
- Priscilla Reichard
"The black and white actions are particularly good on portraits, looking forward to using them all, thanks once again. "
- Lesley
"I have been playing around with the Photoshop Actions, WOW such fun! Beautiful Actions!"
- Corrie Bakker
"I bought my first couple of Photoshop Actions from your store, and so far... I am in ♥!"
- Shannon Daly
"Thank you sooo much, Olivia for taking the time to show me the differences. I purchased the bundle (soft glow and milk violet) actions as I am more familiar with CS. I used it right away on an old pic that i recently uploaded. Loooove it! thank you again!"
- Debbie Wibowo
"I received the Photoshop Action a few minutes ago... Everything's perfect! I really like your style, and your photos are amazing. I follow your website daily to be sure to not lose any of your work!"
- Davide Rossi  
"The Bell Sisters are such hardworkers and they definitely make one of the best presets/ps actions I’ve seen around the web! Keep it up, Olivia, Rosanna, and Sasha!"
- Ka Ning
"Love the bell sisters, and actions to bits."
- Kelly  
"Loving my photoshop actions Miley Violet and Pink Haze! Thank you so much!"
- Hailey Tash Photography
"Just ordered 'Colour Tints Photoshop Action' Looking forward to using it."
- Frankee Morrison
"Thank you for the awesome action, Warm Summery Glow Photoshop Action!"
- Traci Yates
"Thank you for this photoshop action! i really love your work!"
- Kareen Burdios
"I used your free Photoshop Aaction Rose Glow on my photos. I love it, thank you so much for giving it to us and for making the world a nicer place with your beautiful photography and everything else you do."
- Mirjam Cancer
"Vibrant Colours Photoshop Action is my all time fav. I'm always amazed how much it helps my photos. Love you guys!! oxo"
- Lucy Rivers
"So pleased with my new photoshop action. The honey milky tones are fab!!"
- Allison Brown
"I'm addicted to using your actions. they're amazing. can't believe how compatible they are. I bought from other people in the past and they were great but a lot of the time they didn't work. i love how you explain what each photoshop action is for and your examples really help. please upload more!"
- Michelle Knight  
"LOVE! your winter photoshop action, it's perfect for all the snow we've got here. thanks bell sisters!"
- Lizzie Gallo
"Love your tones in the blue haze action - always makes my photos look wonderful and dreamily blue. keep it up!"
- Katy White "Pink Blush Photoshop Action is absolutely BEAUTIFUL - the pink tones are so lovely and dreamy. love it. thank you!" - Katherine Piffer

The Bell Sisters eBook Reviews

"I've been waiting for your Photography Tips eBook since you tweeted about it, so happy to finally have it. Having read it I'm really happy - you explain everything so well, I'm only a beginner photographer but i feel like i understand SO much now."
- Joanna Smith
"Just bought the Photography Tips eBook. Fantastic book. Well done, very good work."
- Jason Young
"Your photo tips book is excellent, will be trying them out on my next walk."
- Robert Wilson
"I have been using manual mode since last summer and I found the photo tips book useful as I take photos hand held often in low light eg woods and on my walk last weekend I was taking photos of snowdrops and an old silver birch tree with moss and fungi using tips from the book. I uploaded the moss and fungi photo to Flickr and three of my contacts commented on my steady hand."
- Robert Wilson
"I purchased your photo tips book Olivia and really enjoyed it. I love your photography and the pics you included in it are wonderful. Nice work!"
- Steve Overacker
"Thank you sooooo so much for your photography tips!! the book is wonderfully and best of all I love that I could download it so soon after buying - thanks for all your amazing advice and tips!"
- Alexandra Moore
"I just wanted to say HUGE thank-you for letting your secrets out regarding processing AND photography - wowowow! Love all my new Lightroom Presets + the photo tips ebook."
- Mitch Sanders
"I'm so happy with your photo tips ebook - finally something simple to understand!! thank xx"
- Melissa F. Yates